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Application for SFC Faculty Recruitment 25

Registration Period: 2016/5/13 (Fri) - 2019/3/31 (Sun) 23:59:59JST

Recruitment Area
X. Fields which combine various researches
0. Fields not yet represented at SFC
1. International politics; regional studies from the viewpoint of security guarantees
  • (1) Disciplines: international politics, political science, comparative political science, political economics
  • (2) Regions: Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe
  • (3) Issues: terrorism, energy, nuclear nonproliferation, space, technology and security
2. Formation of a symbiotic society and resilient human environment
  • (1) fusion of environmental technology and environmental science, empirical political policy
  • (2) conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • (3) gender, poverty reduction, capacity building
  • (4) climate change, adaptation
  • (5) health, public health
3. Practice of global dynamics and renovation of cities, regions, organizations, and companies
  • (1) growth and degeneration of urban areas and regions
  • (2) spatial economics, economic geography, demography
  • (3) circulation of water, air and material; energy system design
  • (4) strategic organizational behavior theory and career development theory
4. Fostering wellness, happiness and culture
  • (1) sports, wellness, embodied knowledge
  • (2) education, communication
  • (3) artistic expression, musical expression, image expression, media expression, design engineering, entertainment
  • (4) literature, linguistics, psychology, philosophy
  • (5) applied economics, behavioral economics, experimental economics, neuroeconomics
5. Human resource development for multilingual, multicultural societies
  • (1) Multilingual education (English, Chinese, Arabic etc.)
  • (2) language learning assessment
  • (3) multilingual policy, multicultural policy
  • (4) plurilingual, pluricultural human resource development
6. Fields of science and technology for supporting global society
  • (1) Mathematical sciences: mathematics, data science, financial technology, big data, AI
  • (2) Computer science and digital system: computer architecture, IoT, network system, platform technology, cybersecurity, post-silicon computing
  • (3) Infrastructure for cybersociety: transportation system, 3D map, robotics, drones, sensing, satellite system, energy platform
  • (4) Creation of information culture and society: information cluture, information society, science communication, open data, open technology, information platform
Recruitment Schedule
Recruitment Area Application Schedule Work Start Status
2018 Faculty Recruitment (Arabic Language) 5 2018/3/27 (Tue)

5/31 (Thu)
2019/4 open
2018 Faculty Recruitment (Chinese) 5 2018/3/27 (Tue)

5/31 (Thu)
2019/4 open
Second Recruitment for 2018 X, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Not yet determined 2019/4 in preparation

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